Flexible Couplings

Flexible CouplingsMCS Couplings

This three-piece coupling adopts an aluminum alloy hub and a resin spider. The simple construction ensures that the high torque generated by a gear motor can be transmitted reliably. The proper elasticity of the spider suppresses motor vibration.

Selecting a Coupling

Select the Coupling Type below based on your Motor Item. When selecting a coupling please note the motor shaft diameter can be used for either D1 or D2 of the coupling. Once the motor shaft diameter is determined, the driven shaft diameter can be selected from the alternate value.

Gearhead Model

Load Type

Coupling Type

Motor Shaft Diameter

Nominal Torque


Shock Load


1/2 in.

220 lb-in
(25.0 N•m)



5/8 in.

530 lb-in
(60.0 N•m)