BLE2 Series Brushless DC Motors (AC Input)

BLE2 Series Brushless DC Motors

The BLE2 Series features a a compact, high-power and high-efficiency brushless DC motor and is combined with an Driver that can be digitally set and controlled via external DC voltage or by the front panel. The entire motor structure features our latest brushless DC motor technology and has been innovated in pursuit of the optimal performance.

The BLE2 Series has a maximum speed of 4000 r/min. Speed ratio of 1:50 (80 to 4000 r/min) is achieved. Round Shaft and Combination-type Parallel Shaft or Right-Angle Hollow Shaft Geared models are available in IP66 rated versions. Featuring 30 W (1/25 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP), 120 W (1/6 HP), 200 W (1/4 HP) and 400 W (1/2 HP) output power models.