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AC Blowers MB Series S Type

MB Series S Type Centrifugal Fans / Blowers

MB Series S Type provides high performance such as strong static pressure and directional airflow, and ease of use such as direct installation and air volume adjustment. It is ideal for local cooling, exhaust using ducts, blowing, and adsorption.



Servo Motors AZX Series Equipped with Battery-Free Mechanical Absolute Encoder

AZX Series Servo Motors

These servo motors are equipped with a battery-free absolute encoder. They are suitable for continuous speed control or positioning applications with a large amount of travel since they achieve high torque in the high-speed range. The basic operations are the same as the AZ Series, making combined use in equipment easier

PKP Series Stepper Motor with 1000 P/R Encoder

PKP Series Stepper Motors

1000 P/R encoder type has been added to the 2-phase/5-phase stepper motor PKP Series. Equipped with an encoder with a resolution of 1000 P/R, high-precision position detection, and accurate homing operation are possible.



αSTEP Electric Gripper EH Series

EH4T Electric Gripper

The 3-finger type has been added to the electric gripper EH Series. Even delicate workpieces such as cylinders, spheres, and complex shapes can be gripped gently like a human fingertip.


Rack and Pinion LJ Series Linear Heads

AZ mini Driver

The LJ Series is a new linear
head with a maximum
transportation weight of 200
kg. By attaching it to the
parallel shaft gearhead and
motor, linear motion such as
pushing, pulling, lifting, and
lowering, is possible. Perfect
for high load and long stroke

Guide to Carbon Neutrality

Guide to Carbone Neutrality

Environmental considerations related to automation are attracting more attention as major nations announce carbon neutrality policies. Check out our products and services with hints about getting started with carbon neutrality.


Modular Automation

Modular Automation

The Modular Automation concept is based on the next generation of assembly lines using a modular, mobile, battery based system that can change form easily for assembling small lots or a variety of products.

2023-2024 Product Guide

Product eBook

View our latest 2023-2024 Product Guide online.


Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom

Come visit our new Virtual Showroom featuring information on our latest motion control products as well as demo and application videos.

Motor Sizing Forms

Designed to make sizing a motor for your application faster and easier, these new sizing forms calculate the necessary torque, speed, stopping accuracy, and the system inertia that is also important to consider when selecting a proper motor for the application.


Service & Support

Service & Support

Products and technology are only valuable when coupled with skilled people and services to support them. Our Technical Support Team is available 15 hours a day, via phone, e-mail or live chat and offer advanced industry knowledge to help size and recommend the ideal motion products.

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