Rotary Actuators

Hollow Rotary Actuators

Hollow Rotary Actuators

The DGII Series is a line of of products that combine a high rigidity hollow rotary table with a closed loop stepper motor and driver package. It retains the ease of use of a stepper motor, while also allowing for highly accurate positioning of large inertia loads.

  • Integrated actuator and stepper motor makes design easier
  • Large-diameter hollow output table
  • Pulse Input, Pulse Input with RS-485 Communications and Built-in Controller (Network) type drivers
  • AC or DC Input

Controllers / Network Gateways

Controllers / Network Gateways

Controllers and Network Gateways for use with motion control systems.

  • Controllers for use with Pulse Input Drivers
  • Network Converters/Gateways (RS-485 Communication)
    • EtherCat
    • CC-Link



Rotary Actuators

Hollow Rotary Actuators

The gear-reduction mechanism employs precision gears along with a proprietary adjustment mechanism that eliminates backlash. The repetitive positioning accuracy from a single direction is ±15 sec., while lost motion in a positioning operation from two directions is 2 arc minutes. These characteristics make the DGII series the ideal choice for applications in which accurate positioning is a must.

Hollow Rotary Actuator

Application Examples

Applications subject to changing load inertia

Applications where a moment load is applied

Optical applications using the hollow hole

HIgh Load Inertia

High Moment Load

Optical Through Hole

High accuracy positioning applications

High accuracy positioning applications using the hollow hole

Air absorption applications using the hollow hole

High Accuracy Positioning


Air Absorption


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Hollow Rotary Actuators


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