Index Table

Index Table

For applications, such as an index table, where the inertial load is large or acceleration/deceleration time is short, a geared stepper motor or geared servo motor is suggested. A geared stepper motor or servo motor can increase damping more effectively and thereby ensure more stable operation compared to a standard motor.

Oriental Motor also offers hollow rotary actuators featuring a stepper motor and gear-reduction mechanism combined with a hollow output table to make installation and operation of an index table hassle-free.

For system solutions requiring connection to an upper level controller, PLC or HMI, Oriental Motor offers several networked products to allow for easy control using I/O or RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) networks.

Applicable Products

Position Control Index Table

For applications that require higher accuracy positioning Oriental Motor offers a wide range of Stepper Motor and Servo Motor solutions. Stepper motors, with their ability to product high torque at a low speed while minimizing vibration, are ideal for applications requiring quick positioning over a short distance. Servo motors are easy to operate and allow for smooth operation with large inertial loads and belt mechanisms.



Positioning Operation

Index Tables

Stepper Motors are suitable for high accuracy positioning and provide high torque even at low speeds. Stepper motors also offer very low vibration and a wide range of features and options such as gearheads, encoders and built-in controllers to meet the specific needs of your application.

Servo Motors provide accurate positioning for quick moves such as indexing. All feature a closed loop configuration ideal for variable loads and offer a wide range of gear options and braking or load holding options. The built-in controller (stored data) FLEX also helps for system configuration considerations.

Geared Options

A wide range of gearing options are available to provide higher permissible inertia, higher resolution positioning and higher torque for index table and high inertia applications.

Geared Stepper Motors

Geared Servo Motors

Geared Stepper Motors

Geared stepper motors not only achieve deceleration, high torque and high resolution, but they are capable of driving larger inertial loads compared to a standard motor.

A wide range of gearing options are available: 
Spur, Taper Hobbed, Planetary and Harmonic gearheads.

Geared Servo Motors

The servo motor has restrictions on permissible load inertia, but the geared type can be used to greatly increase the load size that can be driven.

Hollow Rotary Actuators

Hollow Rotary Actuators

The Hollow Rotary Actuators allow large-inertia discs from an index table or arms to be installed directly on the output table. This saves you the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary parts, etc. when mechanical parts such as belt and pulley are used for installation. The hollow output table has a large diameter opening which helps reduce the complexity of wiring and piping thus simplifying your equipment design.


Additional Applications

Applications where a moment load is applied

Moment Load Application

Applications subject to changing load inertia

Load Inertia Application

Optical applications using the hollow hole

Optical Application

High accuracy positioning 

Positioning Application

High accuracy positioning applications using the hollow hole

Positioning Application

Air absorption applications using the hollow hole

Air Absorption

Networked - I/ O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) and Factory Automation Index Table Applications

Oriental Motor offers Network products under the FLEX concept, meaning each product is equipped with an interface that connects to various master controllers featuring I/O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) or Factory Automation. Networked products enable operating data and parameters for each motor to be set at a Master Controller and sent to each driver. In addition, operation commands can be input send set using various communication methods to meet the need of a wide range of available Network Solutions.

Available Network Solutions

1. I/O - Allows the driver to be connected directly to a controller or PLC to configure the operating system with I/O.

2. RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) - Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using RS-485 communication. Up to 31 drivers can be connected to each serial communication module. Also there is a function that enables the simultaneous start of multiple axes. The protocol supports Modbus (RTU), enable connection with devices such as a touch screen (HMI) or PCs.

3. Factory Automation Network - Use of a network converter (sold separately) enables support with CC-Link, MECHATROLINK or EtherCAT communication. Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using various communication methods.

For Connecting to Factory Automation (FA) Networks

Network Converter

Network Gateways

The communication protocol of the master controller, Factory Automation (FA) network, is converted to Oriental Motor's own RS-485 communication protocol. Connection to FLEX-compatible products is completed with one RS-485 communication cable.

  • Compatible Networks:

    • CC-Link



    • EtherCat

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