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Short Lead Time - Fast Delivery

Product Lead Time

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Production and Shipment Lead Times

Oriental Motor's lead time is characterized by best in class, with any of our catalog products available to ship in 3 to 9 business days (for orders placed before 12pm PST). Your order is shipped using only reputable carriers or any carrier of your choice to ensure the on-time and damage free-delivery. Our manufacturing processes support our fast delivery and short lead times to allow us to support your needs. Our Just-In-Time production system allows the manufacturing of an order with little notice, in any quantity requested. Additionally, our one-by-one process allows us to manufacture one product as easily as one thousand.

In addition, Oriental Motor will quote "Available to Ship" shipping dates for guaranteed quantities on the web for most products.

  • For larger quantities please contact your local sales office.

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