ISO9001 and ISO14001

ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORPORATION will always provide products and appropriate services to all customers, accurately and on time, striving to achieve zero defects resulting in high customer satisfaction from sales, service, technical support, production, distribution, and inventory stock, through continuous improvement and constant introduction of new systems necessary for customer satisfaction.

ISO9000 Series

Oriental Motor has put in place a quality assurance system to ensure our products satisfy the quality needs of all customers. Our quality assurance system consists of four components: a forward-thinking product development system for creating new products that meet the anticipated needs of our customers in the future; an immediate delivery system that can flexibly address the demands for multi-product, small-lot production; a responsive sales system for answering all customer inquiries in a timely manner; and a comprehensive after-sales service system. We at Oriental Motor are continually improving these key components of our quality assurance system.

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14000 Series

Oriental Motor plays a positive role in preserving the global environment. Protecting the global environment is a major task for all humankind. Companies in the manufacturing sector must contribute to this effort. Oriental Motor is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities. We strive to create environmentally friendly products and reduce the output of waste. We believe that the acquisition of the ISO14001 standard which is related to the environment, is an important step to promote activities of environmental preservation.

Oriental Motor Plants that have acquired Certification for ISO9001 and ISO14001

  • Tsuruoka Plants (Chuo, Nishi)
  • Tsuchiura Plant
  • Takamatsu Plant (Kokubunji, Kozai)
  • Soma Plant
  • Kashiwa Plant
  • Tsukuba Plant
  • Torrance Plant (ISO9001:2015 Only)
  • Chicago Plant (ISO9001:2015 Only)


  • AC Motors
  • Brushless Motors
  • Stepping Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Fan Motors
  • Drive Circuits
  • Electric Actuators
  • Accessories
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