Flange Drive Adapter

Greatly Increases Permissible Radial and Axial Load

Torrance, CA – April 1, 2021

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the introduction of the Flange Drive Adapter, ideal for AGV /AMR applications or large loads that need the bearing structure for high permissible radial loads. The Flange Driver Adapter is a cross roller bearing housed in a flange adapter as one unit to allow for simple assembly with a strong radial load specification.

The Flange Drive Adapter is designed to accept our offset gearhead shaft (metric) as the drive mechanism (BLH, BLV).

Loads can be mounted to the front face of the drive adapter, similar to the DGII and
Harmonic Gearheads. And because of integration with cross-roller bearings, load attachment tables, etc., the time to arrange extra parts and mechanism design is reduced. Installation work is also simplified because they can be attached directly to the load shaft or directly to the enclosure.

The key features of the new flange adapter:

  • Greatly increase permissible load
  • Simplified design translates to reduced design and installation time
  • Ideal of unmanned transportation vehicles, such as AGVs
  • Compatible with BLH and BLV Series brushless motors

To learn more about Oriental Motor’s new Flange Adapter and other brushless DC motors and drivers, contact the Technical Support group at 800-468-3982 or email, techsupport@orientalmotor.com, or visit the web page at: https://www.orientalmotor.com/brushless-dc-motors-gear-motors/index.html


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