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New Product: High-Resolution Rotary Encoder

Slim, Lightweight Design with Resolution Up to 2000 Pulses per Revolution

Torrance, CA – June 11, 2024

Additional Lineup: PKP Series Magnetic Encoder

A compact, high-resolution magnetic incremental encoder has been released. This new model features a slim, lightweight design with resolutions up to 2000 pulses per revolution.


  • Lineup: Round Shaft Type and Hollow Shaft Type
  • Outer diameter φ30 mm
  • High resolution (1000 P/R or 2000 P/R) Incremental Type
  • Voltage output, line driver output

Application Example: A belt-and-pulley mechanism allows you to detect differences in rotation between the motor and the mechanism, which can indicate belt deflection or breakage. This product is installed directly on the customer's equipment, enabling it to monitor the actual position and speed of the equipment, such as a conveyor.


  • Encoder Cables: Lead Wire or Flexible Shielded Cable
  • New: Mounting Bracket (for Round Shaft Type use only), PEF2


  • Starting from $114, orders of up to 10 units can be shipped by air within 12 business days

To learn more about the new rotary encoder product, contact the Technical Support group at 800-468-3982, email, or learn more at the product web page:


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