October 16, 2017 - Oriental Motor Introduces DC Input Multi-Axis Closed Loop, Absolute Type Stepper Motor Driver with EtherCAT

DC Input Multi-Axis Closed Loop, Absolute Type Stepper Motor Driver with EtherCAT


Experience the Advantage of Consolidating 4 Drivers into 1 Unit

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the release of our new DC input AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with built-in EtherCAT communications based on the closed loop, absolute type AZ Series driver.

The AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with EtherCAT is a space saving, DC input, multi-axes controller and driver designed for applications demanding 2 or more axis of control and integrating EtherCAT communications from an upper lever controller.

These new drivers are available in 2 axes, 3 axes or 4 axes configuration. It is compatible with all of our DC input AZ Series family of products, including DC input stepper motors, linear and rotary actuators. The advantages of consolidating up to 4 drivers into 1 unit includes space saving benefits, reduced cost and simplified wiring.

The AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers supports EtherCAT communication and is compatible with the CiA402 drive profile.

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