Modular Automation – Workpiece Transfer + Alignment

Using an array of modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor to achieve work piece assembly and high throughput. In this video, we focus on module 1 of 5 to see how Oriental Motor products are used to perform workpiece transfers and alignment operations. A custom in-house built, using AZ Series products, and user maintainable vertical articulated robot arm is used for transfer operation. The large hollow bore diameter of the DGII Series rotary actuator can be used for routing robot cable wiring. The high strength and rigidity of the DGII Series is built to withstand large moment loads. The MRC01 Robot Controller verifies and align workpiece by capturing image sensor information and the 3-finger type EH Series gripper is suitable for picking up irregular shaped objects. An EZS Series electric linear slide wraps up the operation with its ability to lift workpieces in narrow spaces.


Modular Automation Compatible Products

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