Modular Automation – Workpiece Visual Inspection

Using an array of modular automation compatible products by Oriental Motor to achieve work piece assembly and high throughput. In this video, we focus on module 3 of 5 to see how Oriental Motor products are used to perform workpiece visual inspection. A DGII Series hollow rotary actuator forms the foundation of a custom in-house built 3-axis SCARA robot. The robot is compact and does not interfere with other mechanisms, while the low-floor design of the DGII Series allows cables or pipes to route through its large hollow bore. An L Series AZ equipped rack and pinion system places the Z-axis at the base to reduce head weight while the non-backlash Harmonic gear eliminates shaft misalignment. An EH Series electric gripper confidently grips the workpiece in narrow spaces. A DR Series compact electric cylinder reduces the overall system weight and size by integrating a hollow rotor and a ball screw.

Modular Automation Compatible Products

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