BLE Series Brushless DC Motors (AC Input)

BLE Series Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Systems

BLE Series Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors) & Gear Motors (AC Input)

The BLE Series sets a new standard for brushless DC motors with up to 4,000 r/min in an energy saving, compact package with Build-in Controller (Stored Data). Two types of gearheads are available from the long life parallel shaft geared type to the spacing saving hollow shaft flat geared type. For vertical drive solutions an electromechanical brake type is offered.

  • Speed Control Range: 80 ~ 4000 r/min
  • Advanced Performance and Features with Easy to Use Controls
  • Single-Phase 100-120, 200-240 or Three-Phase 200-240 VAC
  • RS-485 Communication Type Driver
  • Torque Limit Function
  • Parallel Shaft, Hollow Shaft Flat Gear or Round Shaft (no Gear)
  • Electromagnetic Brake Type Available

Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor) & Gear Motor Lineup

Output Power


Gear Options

Power Supply

Rated Torque

Speed Range

30 W Brushless DC Motors

30 W (1/25 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

RS-485 Communication

Parallel Shaft

Single-Phase 100-120 VAC

Single-Phase 200-240 VAC

Three-Phase 200-240 VAC

3.9 ~ 53 lb-in 0.45 ~ 6 N·m

100 ~ 4000 r/min
(80 ~ 4000 r/min*)

Min: 0.5 (0.4*) [200:1]
Max: 800 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

3.5 ~ 150 lb-in

0.4 ~ 17 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

14.2 oz-in

0.1 N·m

60 W Brushless DC Motors

60 W (1/12 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

RS-485 Communication

Parallel Shaft

Single-Phase 100-120 VAC

Single-Phase 200-240 VAC

Three-Phase 200-240 VAC

7.9 ~ 141 lb-in

0.9 ~ 16 N·m

100 ~ 4000 r/min
(80 ~ 4000 r/min*)

Min: 0.5 (0.4*) [200:1]
Max: 800 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

7.5 ~ 300 lb-in

0.85 ~ 34 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

28 oz-in

0.2 N·m

120 W Brushless DC Motors

120 W (1/6 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

RS-485 Communication

Parallel Shaft

Single-Phase 100-120 VAC

Single-Phase 200-240 VAC

Three-Phase 200-240 VAC

15.9 ~ 260 lb-in

1.8 ~ 30 N·m

100 ~ 4000 r/min
(80 ~ 4000 r/min*)

Min: 0.5 (0.4*) [200:1]
Max: 800 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

15 ~ 600 lb-in

1.7 ~ 68 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

56 oz-in

0.4 N·m

**When using the  MEXE02 support software, OPX-2A control module or RS-485 communication.


Features of Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors are more efficient and compact than AC induction motors and do not use brushes as compared to DC Brush motors. Brushless DC motors allow for quiet, long life maintenance-free operation. Brushless motors include permanent magnets in the motor’s rotor providing high power and high efficiency and built-in hall effect IC in the stator for speed detection. Speed is controlled through a driver by using feedback signals from the motor.

Wide Speed Control

Compared with conventional products, the speed control range of the brushless DC motor is greatly expanded. Use in high-speed applications even at a maximum speed of 4000 r/min is possible.

Speed Control Range

Excellent Speed Stability

The speed regulation (load) of the BLDC motor is ±0.5%.

For this reason, this mechanism ensures that the brushless DC motor drives at a stable speed over its entire speed range from low to high, even when the load condition fluctuates.

Stable Speed Control

Energy Savings

Brushless DC motors use permanent magnets in the rotor. In comparison with inverter-controlled motors, they are high-efficiency with little loss, which means that energy savings is possible.

Compact Yet Powerful

High power is achieved with a slim body, efficient gearhead and a compact design allowing for additional space savings.

Compact Brushless DC Motors

Speed Control During Vertical Operation is Possible

The electromagnetic brake type motor enables stable speed control even during vertical operation (gravitational operation).

The electromagnetic brake is automatically controlled via the driver in accordance with the operation command signal. When the power is turned OFF, such as during a blackout, the motor stops instantaneously to hold the load in place.

RS-485 Communication Type Driver

Advantages of the RS-485 Communication Type

The BLE Series FLEX RS-485 Communication Type can be controlled entirely from a host system because operation, configuration, and monitoring are fed back to the host system. When controlling with a touch-screen or panel computer, load factor and other output signals can be monitored.

RS-485 Communication


Additional Performance and Functions

OPX-2A Control Module

Functionality and performance can be improved by using (available for free download) the MEXE02 Support Software or the optional control module OPX-2A.

Various Settings

Speed, torque limit, acceleration time, deceleration time, I/O assignment, gear ratio, speed increasing ratio, conveyor gear ratio, conveyor speed increasing ratio, speed attainment range, overload warning level, overload warning function (enable/disable), JOG (test) run speed, JOG (test) run torque, digital/analog input signal selection Up to 16 points of operating data (speed, torque limit, acceleration time, and deceleration time) can be set*1

Monitoring Function (OPX-2A)

Speed, conveyor transportation speed, load factor, operating data No., alarm/ warning (code indication), alarm/warning log (code indication), I/O monitor

Monitoring Function (MEXE02)

Status monitor: Speed, gear shaft speed, conveyor speed, load factor, operating selection number, alarm/warning, alarm/warning log I/O monitor: I/O signals, current internal/external potentiometer setting

Waveform monitor: Setting speed, detected speed, I/O signals

Test Function

I/O test, JOG (test) operation

Data Copy

Download, upload, query*2, reset

*1 Specifications for the RS-485 communication type. Specifications of the standard type are up to 8 points.

*2 This function is only for the control module (OPX-2A).

Speed Control Range Expanded to 80 ~ 4000 r/min

The digital speed setting function expands the speed control range to cover 80∼4000 r/min (speed ratio 50:1)

Expanded Speed Range

Multistep Speed-Change Operation up to 16 Speeds is Possible

Multistep speed-change operation up to 16 speeds is possible using the OPX-2A or MEXE02. Speed setting in 1 r/min units as well as separate setting of the acceleration and deceleration time are possible.

16 Speed Settings

Limiting the Motor Output Torque

The motor output torque can be suppressed in accordance with the application and use condition.

Torque Limiting

Various Digital Indications are Possible (OPX-2A)

Speed, load factor, alarm code, etc. can be displayed digitally.



Long-Life, Parallel Shaft Gearhead

  • 30 W (1/25 HP)
  • 60 W (1/12 HP)
  • 120 W (1/6 HP)

Parallel Shaft Gear Motor

The high-strength gearhead is designed to withstand high-speed revolutions. The rated life of the gearhead is 10000 hours*, which is twice as long as that of our previous gearhead.

Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead

  • 30 W (1/25 HP)
  • 60 W (1/12 HP)
  • 120 W (1/6 HP)

Hollow Shaft Flat Gear Motor

Permissible Torque without Saturation

The hollow shaft flat gearhead enables permissible torque without saturation even at high gear ratios. The motor torque can be fully utilized.

High Torque

Low Cost

By eliminating parts such as a coupling or belt-and-pulley, the parts cost and labor will also decrease.

Low Cost

Space Saving is Achieved with a Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead

The output shaft can be coupled directly to your drive shaft without using a coupling. The flexible installation modes, such as installation on either the front or rear face or by using the center shaft, allows you to reduce the size and installation space of your equipment. Since no shaft-coupling parts are needed, the parts cost and assembly man-hours will also decrease.

Space Saving

Flexible Connection Cables

Connection / Extension Cables

Use of flexible connection cables is recommended in applications where the cable will be bent and stretched repeatedly.

*Connection cables required (sold separately)

Control Options - Control Module

Control Module

The internal driver parameter settings and data settings can be established and changed. They can also be used for speed and I/O monitoring, teaching, and so on.



Control Options - Support Software

Communication Cable for Data Setting Software

This communication cable is required for connecting to the computer on which the data setting software is installed.


Network Gateways

Network Gateways

The communication protocol of the master controller, Factory Automation (FA) network, is converted to Oriental Motor's own RS-485 communication protocol. Connection to Oriental Motor's network compatible products is completed with one RS-485 communication cable.

  • Compatible Networks:

*For use with Stored Data (Network) type


Rotary Encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders

Small, thin, and lightweight stand-alone rotary encoders with an outer diameter of ϕ30 mm can be installed in tight spaces.



Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings

These products are clamp type couplings used to connect a motor or gearhead shaft to the shaft of the equipment.

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Brackets

This is an aluminum die cast mounting bracket for geared motors.

Long, horizontal holes make it easy to make fine adjustments during installation.


DIN Rail Mounting Plate

DIN Rail Mounting Plate

DIN Rail installation plate for the driver.


External Speed Potentiometer

External Speed Potentiometer

Sets and adjusts the motor's speed. Package includes one potentiometer.

(20 kΩ, 1/4 W and with a linear resistance vs. angle curve)


System Configuration

System Configuration

CAD / Manual Search

To locate product CAD and Operator Manuals please search using the product Item Number.


Cooling Fans

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