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BLH Series Brushless DC Motors (DC Input)

BLH Series Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Systems

BLH Series Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors) (DC Input)

The BLH Series combines a slim, high-power brushless DC motor with a 24 VDC board-type driver to meet your space-saving needs. Speed control range is 100 to 3000 r/min. Choose from a wide variety offering different outputs of 15 W (1/50 HP), 50 W (1/15 HP) and 100 W (1/8 HP) to meet your specific application.

The BLH Series comes with long-life, high-strength gearheads that can produce up to 600 lb-in of torque.

  • Compact, Board-type Driver
  • Speed Control via Potentiometer or DC Voltage
  • 24 VDC
  • Parallel Shaft, Hollow Shaft Flat Gear or Round Shaft (no Gear)

Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor) & Gear Motor Lineup

Output Power

Gear Options

Power Supply

Rated Torque

Speed Range

15 W Brushless DC Motors

15 W (1/50 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

Parallel Shaft

24 VDC

2.0 ~ 17.7 lb-in

0.23 ~ 2 N·m

100 ~ 3000 r/min

Min: 0.5 [200:1]
Max: 600 [5:1]

Round Shaft (no Gear)

7.1 oz-in

0.05 N·m

30 W Brushless DC Motors

30 W (1/25 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

Parallel Shaft

24 VDC

4.7 ~ 53 lb-in

0.54 ~ 6 N·m

100 ~ 3000 r/min

Min: 0.5 [200:1]
Max: 600 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

4.2 ~ 150 lb-in

0.48 ~ 17 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

17 oz-in

0.12 N·m

50 W Brushless DC Motors

50 W (1/15 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

Parallel Shaft

24 VDC

7.9 ~ 141 lb-in

0.9 ~ 16 N·m

100 ~ 3000 r/min

Min: 0.5 [200:1]
Max: 600 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

7.5 ~ 300 lb-in

0.85 ~ 34 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

28 oz-in

0.2 N·m

100 W Brushless DC Motors

100 W (1/8 HP) Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

Parallel Shaft

24 VDC

15.9 ~ 260 lb-in

1.8 ~ 30 N·m

100 ~ 3000 r/min

Min: 0.5 [200:1]
Max: 600 [5:1]

Hollow Shaft Flat

15 ~ 600 lb-in

1.7 ~ 68 N·m

Round Shaft (no Gear)

56 oz-in

0.4 N·m


Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors)

Wide Speed Control Range

The BLH Series adopts a unique brushless DC motor structure design to achieve a wide speed variation range. The motor of the BLH Series can be operated at varying speeds of 100 to 3000 r/min (speed ratio 30:1).

Speed Torque

Excellent Speed Stability

The driver adjusts the current flow to the motor by comparing the feedback signal of the motor speed against the set speed, in order to stabilize the motor speed. This mechanism ensures stable driving speeds from low to high, even in situations where the load condition fluctuates. With the BLH Series the speed regulation is ±0.5%.


Slim, Yet Powerful

A permanent magnet is assembled into the rotor, so the brushless DC gearmotor can produce high power from its slim body. The compact unit allows for downsizing of applications.

Compact Size

No Brushes = No Maintenance

The Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors) do not utilize brushes, which often require replacing and/or maintenance, saving time and cost.

No brushes

Energy Saving

The brushless DC motor has a permanent magnet assembled into the rotor, so it produces low secondary loss. The BLH Series will contribute to the energy-saving operation of your equipment.

IP65 Protection*

The brushless DC motor is protected against water intrusion should water come into contact with the motor.

The brushless DC motor must not be washed with water and is not suitable for use in an environment where it constantly comes into contact with water.

*IP40 for 15 W (1/50 HP) brushless DC motor

Compact, 24 VDC Driver

Compact Board-Type Driver

The models with an output of 1/50 HP to 1/15 HP (15 to 50 W) adopt a compact, board-type driver smaller than the size of business card. 
The 1/8 HP (100 W) driver is also compact and has dimensions of
2.80 in. [71 mm] (D) x 5.16 in. [131 mm] (W) x 1.48 in. [37.5 mm] (H)

Full Range of Driver Functions

The compact driver is packed with a full range of functions.

  • Instantaneous stop
  • Speed control via potentiometer
  • Speed control by DC voltage
  • Acceleration/deceleration time setting
  • Alarm output

Compact Driver

Long-Life, Parallel Shaft Gearhead

  • 15 W (1/50 HP)
  • 30 W (1/25 HP)
  • 50 W (1/15 HP)
  • 100 W (1/8 HP)

Parallel Shaft Gear Motor

The high-strength gearhead is designed to withstand high-speed revolutions. The rated life of the gearhead is 10000 hours*, which is twice as long as that of our previous gearhead.

*5000 hours for gearhead equipped with 15 W (1/50 HP) brushless DC motor.

Up to 260 lb-in of Torque Possible
[100 W (1/8 HP) Brushless DC Motor with Parallel Shaft Flat Gearhead]

Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead

  • 30 W (1/25 HP)
  • 50 W (1/15 HP)
  • 100 W (1/8 HP)

Hollow Shaft Flat Gear Motor

The output shaft can be coupled directly to your drive shaft without using a coupling. The flexible installation modes, such as installation on either the front or rear face or by using the center shaft, allows you to reduce the size and installation space of your equipment. Since no shaft-coupling parts are needed, the parts cost and assembly man-hours will also decrease.

Up to 600 lb-in of Torque Possible
[100 W (1/8 HP) Brushless DC Motor with Hollow Shaft Flat Gearhead]

Space Saving

Extension Cables

Connection / Extension Cables

These cables extend the distance between the motor and driver.

The motor includes a 20 in. (500 mm) cable.


Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings

These products are clamp type couplings used to connect a motor or gearhead shaft to the shaft of the equipment.

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Brackets

This is an aluminum die cast mounting bracket for geared motors.

Long, horizontal holes make it easy to make fine adjustments during installation.

Motor Speed Indicator

Speed Indicator

Used for displaying and checking motor speed.

Motor Speed Indicator


DIN Rail Mount



External Speed Potentiometer

External Speed Potentiometer

Sets and adjusts the motor's speed. Package includes one potentiometer.

(20 kΩ, 1/4 W and with a linear resistance vs. angle curve)


Potentiometer Mounting Plate

Potentiometer Mounting Plate

DIN rail mounting bracket for the external speed potentiometer.

System Configuration

System Configuration

CAD / Manual Search

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