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AC Cross Flow Fans - MF Series

AC Cross Flow Fans - MF Series

AC Cross Flow Fans - MF Series

The MF Series Cross Flow Fans provide a wide, uniform air flow suitable for many applications. The MF Series is available in lengths of 5.91 in. (150 mm) and 11.81 in. (300 mm).

  • Wide, Uniform Air Flow
  • Single-Phase 100/110/115 VAC or Single-Phase 200/220/230 VAC

Cross Flow Fan Lineup

ImpellerĀ Length

Power Supply (VAC)

Max Air Flow*

Max Static Pressure*

150 mm Cross Flow Fan

5.91 in. (150 mm) Cross Flow Fans

Single-Phase 100/110/115

145 CFM

4.1 m3/min

0.529 inH2O

132 Pa

Single-Phase 200/220/230

300 mm Cross Flow Fan

11.81 in. (300 mm) Cross Flow Fans

Single-Phase 100/110/115

240 CFM

6.8 m3/min

0.425 inH2O

106 Pa

Single-Phase 200/220/230


AC Cross Flow Fans

Cross Flow Fans

Cross Flow Fans deliver wide, uniform air flow. These fans provide right-angle air flow and a rectangular shape, allowing for installation in corners and space saving. Cross Flow Fans are suitable for cooling circuit boards or other applications requiring wide and uniform air flow such as air curtains.

Cross Flow Fans

Cooling of Long and Thin Space

Suitable for air-blow cooling of long and thin spaces, such as where electronic devices are installed.

Thin Space

Uniform Cooling or Drying

Cross flow fans are suitable for the air-blow cooling of wide areas.


Thermostat Available for Energy Saving

Thermostats (sold separately) make it possible for fans to operate only when cooling is necessary. Thermostats provide energy-saving by automatically stopping fans for example, at night, when the amount of heat generation declines following the load rate's decline in equipment, or in winter, when the ambient temperature drops and forced cooling is not necessary.



Thermostats automatically perform ON/OFF fan control in accordance with the temperature fluctuation inside the equipment. It helps improve the equipment's "environmental" performance relative to energy savings, noise reduction, etc.



Centigrade (Ā°C)


Finger Guards


Finger guards prevent fingers or foreign objects from entering the fan. Finger guards are mounted to the fan frame using bolts.

Two guards required to cover both faces of the cross flow fan.

Impeller Length

Finger Guard

5.91 in. (150 mm)


11.81 in. (300 mm)


System Configuration

System Configuration

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