Technical Articles / White Papers

In order for Oriental Motor to be a world leader in motion systems for the last century, we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement. The technical articles available here describe the ideas, concepts, methods and results of some of the research activities undertaken by the Engineers in our factories and R&D Center.

Cooling Fan Technical Articles / White Papers

Oriental Motor offers a wide range of cooling fans, including a cooling module suitable for enclosure cooling, axial flow fans for local cooling, as well as fans with low-speed or stall alarms or variable flow type.

  • Cooling Fans Structure, Air Flow Static Pressure Characteristics, and Heat Protection - Overheated equipment can lead to many problems, including failure, shorter product life, early deterioration of parts, malfunction, and other safety risks. Cooling fans and blowers are essential to applications in the presence of heat. In order to avoid these problems, the appropriate cooling unit for these systems must be selected. The features of cooling fans differ according to their air-blowing system. The following explains the structure of axial fans, centrifugal blowers and cross flow fans, as well as air flow-static pressure characteristics. Overheat protection is also discussed through the use of low-speed alarms, stall alarms, and thermal protectors. 
  • How to Select a Cooling Fan - To properly select a particular fan for an application, the detailed requirements must be known. This article goes through the steps of selecting a cooling fan. Cooling fans and blowers are essential to applications where temperatures must be maintained or withstand the presence of heat. In order to avoid problems, the appropriate cooling unit for these systems must be selected. 
  • How to Measure the Air Flow - Static Pressure Characteristics & the Characteristics of Noise - Two methods are available for measuring the air flow – static pressure characteristics: the air-duct measurement method via the pitot tube, and the double chamber measurement method. Oriental Motor employs the double chamber method, which offers higher accuracy than the air-duct method and is used worldwide. Moreover, Oriental Motor uses measuring equipment conforming to AMCA(Air Moving and Conditioning Association) standard 210, a fan measurement standard that is recognized worldwide.
  • Thermal Management - In recent years, the demand for equipment powered by natural energy sources such as solar and wind power, as well as the electric chargers for electric vehicles, has been rapidly increasing. Since this type of equipment is used in severe temperature and humidity environments, we should anticipate the need for temperature control in low temperature environment and potential problems, such as dew condensation due to the extreme temperature change.
  • IP Ratings - Degree of Protection - The dust-resistance and waterproofing degrees of protection for the equipment are classified according to EN 60529 (Specification Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures (IP Code)) (=IEC 60529), EN 60034-5 (Rotating Electrical Machines - Part 5: Degrees of Protection Provided by The Integral Design of Rotating Electrical Machines (IP Code) – Classification) (=IEC 60034-5).
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