CVD 5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers (DC Input)

5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers

CVD 5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers

The CVD 5-phase stepper motor driver offers superior performance and value and is ideal for OEM or single axis machines. The CVD stepper motor drivers offer:

  • Lowest Vibration and Noise with advanced Microstepping control
  • Pulse Input, RS-485 Communications or Speed Control Type
  • Significantly improves positional accuracy when microstepping
  • Small, thin microstepping drive with space saving FETs
  • Selectable step angle and microstepping filter control
  • Alarms
  • 24 VDC Input

Stepper Motor Driver Lineup

Stepper Motor Drivers



Motor Types

Power Supply

Mounting Plate


0.35 A/Phase


24 VDC


0.75 A/Phase


1.2 A/Phase


1.4 A/Phase


1.8 A/Phase


2.4 A/Phase


2.8 A/Phase


3.8 A/Phase

Board Only


0.35 A/Phase


24 VDC


0.75 A/Phase


1.2 A/Phase


1.4 A/Phase


1.8 A/Phase


2.4 A/Phase

Mounting Plate - RS-485 Communications


0.35 ~ 2.4 A/Phase


24 VDC

Mounting Plate (Right-Angle Type) - RS-485 Communications


0.35 ~ 2.4 A/Phase


24 VDC

CVD-S Driver

Board Mounting Type
Driver Module - Horizontal Mount


I/O Setting

0.35 ~ 2.4 A/Phase


24 VDC


SPI Communication

CVD-S Driver

Board Mounting Type
Driver Module - Vertical Mount


I/O Setting

0.35 ~ 2.4 A/Phase


24 VDC


SPI Communication

Speed Control (SC) Type

CVK SC Speed Control Stepper Motors



24 VDC

*This product is currently not available for ordering online, please contact your local sales office for more information.


Wide Product Line of Compact Microstepper Drivers to Suit Any Application

The CVD Series is a compact line of stepper motor drivers capable of handling a wide variety of applications. When used with the PKP Series Stepper Motors, the CVD Series offer the lowest vibration and noise with advanced microstepping control and the highest torque output.

CVD 5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers

Features of the CVD Series

The CVD Series drivers developed exclusively for the PKP Series stepper motors enables increased performance and functionality.

Industry's Top Compact, High Performance Driver

These compact and lightweight drivers contribute to saving space. The 2-phase and 5-phase drivers are identical in size, installation and I/O connectors. This allows for the selection and evaluation of 2-phase or 5-phase drivers based on the required specifications.

Select Drivers by Mounting Method

Drivers with different shapes and connector locations are available to match the mounting method.

Driver Mounting Options

High-Efficiency Design

The CVD Series provides increased torque by increasing the output current compared to conventional products. In order to allow the increase of output current, the design incorporates measures to reduce the amount of heat generated.

High Efficiency Design

Low Vibration with Full-Time Microstepping

Low vibration and noise reduction have been achieved across all speed ranges by significantly improving the vibration level with the use of a fully digital-controlled full-time microstep driver. The CVD 5 phase driver and motor has further improved vibration characteristic.

Low Vibration

There's a Wide Choice with 1.8° and 0.72°/0.36° Stepper Motors

The size, installation and I/O connectors for the CVD drivers and 1.8° or 0.72°/0.36° motors are the same. Because of this, it is easy to evaluate and select the proper package for the requirement.

Wide Product Choice

Low Vibration Achieved by Full-Time Microstep Drive

The CVD Series is a fully digital control driver. Currents are controlled digitally and calculated by a high-performance CPU. The waveform of the current for each phase is changed from the conventional trapezoidal to sinusoidal, which allows for micro-step driving in all speed regions, and has reduced vibration even more.


A Motor that Matches the Desired Specifications can be Selected from a Wide Range of Speed and Torque Variations

Inching Operation

Large Inertia Applications

Improved Stopping Accuracy


Pulse Input Type Driver

This driver meets the needs for easy synchronized operation with pulse input type drivers.

Pulse Input Driver

I/O Signals

Mounting Options

Different driver shapes and connection methods are available to meet a wide range of mounting locations.

Vertical Mount

Horizontal Mount

Horizontal Mount on Installation Plate

Printed Circuit Board


RS-485 Communication Type

Movement with Modbus (RTU) control? Simple data setting with touch screen? These drivers meet those needs.

RS-485 Communication Type Driver

Movement Examples

Movement Examples

Simple Editing and Setting Operation Data and Parameters

Support Software MEXE02

Basic settings, such as operation data editing and parameter settings, can be easily made from a computer. Sequence control is also possible, making simple system confi guration possible without a host sequence.

Support Softwrae

Contributes to Visualization

Comes with a monitoring function that contributes to visualization.

Pulse Generator not Needed

The RS-485 communication type can set operation data in the driver, allowing for operation data to be selected and executed from a host. Operation data can also be linked.

Operating Pattern

Output Signals

Mounting Options

Different driver shapes and connection methods are available to meet a wide range of mounting locations.

Vertical Mount

Horizontal Mount


Speed Control Type (CVK-SC)

Simple speed control with a stepper motor. Suppression of stop position variation in constant speed motors. These drivers meet those needs.

Speed Control Type Driver

Simple Speed Control

This product continues to rotate at the setting speed while forward (reverse) input is ON, but instantly tops when the input is OFF. Various operations can be achieved from the PLC depending on the length of time the forward (reverse) input is ON.

Speed control applications

Contributes to Cost Reduction, Simple Control, and Improved Stopping Accuracy in Speed Control

Using Stepper Motors

These motors are the answer to demands like keeping costs down with simple operations, and having a position holding function while stopped.

Stepper Motors

Using Constant Speed Motors and Inverters

Using a Stepper motor vs other motor types can improve stop position variation and sensor stopping accuracy.

Constant Speed Motor and Inverters

PKP Series 5-Phase Stepper Motors

The PKP series stepper motor offers balanced performance enhanced by high torque, low vibration and low noise.

  • 0.72° (500 pulse/rev) & 0.36° (1000 pulse/rev)
  • New Pentagon Winding
  • Encoders - 500 Lines of Resolution



SCX11 Universal Controller

universal controller

The SCX11 is a highly-functional and sophisticated controller equipped with program editing and execution functions. Use the SCX11 as a stored program controller to connect to any of Oriental Motor's standard pulse input drivers. The SCX11 is also able to control the motor via serial communications such as USB, RS-232C and CANopen. Accepts encoder inputs.

Driver Mounting Bracket

Driver Bracket

This is a DIN Rail mounting bracket for drivers with installation plates.


Driver Cover

Driver Cover

This cover provides protection for the driver and prevents accidental contact. For use with right-angle type connector type with installation plate.


DC Power Supply Cable

Power Cable for CVD Driver.


0.5 m [1.6 ft]


1 m [3.3 ft]


2 m [6.6 ft]

Driver Cable Set - RS-485 Communication Type

Power supply cable is used to connect the driver and the power supply. I/O signal cable is used to connect the driver and programmable controller.

*Cables required for 15W, 30W and 50W drivers, included with 100W driver

RS-485 Driver

0.3 m


1 m



Motor - Driver Connector Cables

A cable that directly connects a connector-coupled motor and driver. A motor and driver can be directly connected using the connectors on both ends.


RS-485 Communication Cables

RS-485 Communication Cables

Communication cables for RS-485 type drivers.

Driver to Controller


Driver to Driver



Driver Cable Set

Driver Cable Set

As an accessory for DC input drivers, lead wires with a connector are available. These lead wires allow for easy connection of the motor, power supply and input/output signals. The connection cable set includes three connection cables (for motor, power supply and input/output signals).


Applicable Drivers


CVD503, CVD507, CVD512, CVD514, CVD518, CVD524


CVD528, CVD538


System Configuration

System Configuration

CAD / Manual Search

To locate product CAD and Operator Manuals please search using the product Item Number.



Order Literature

PKP Series Brochure

PKP Series Stepper Motor Brochure


5-Phase Stepper Motors

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