Technical Articles / White Papers

In order for Oriental Motor to be a world leader in motion systems for the last century, we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement. The technical articles available here describe the ideas, concepts, methods and results of some of the research activities undertaken by the Engineers in our factories and R&D Center.

AC Motor & Gear Motor Technical Articles / White Papers

Standard AC Motors & Gear Motors operate by simply connecting a capacitor and supplying power from a commercial power supply. Standard AC Motors & Gear Motors include the basic induction motor and reversible motor. In addition, Oriental Motor offers electromagnetic brake motors, synchronous motors, torque motors and watertight, dust-resistant motors to meet specific application requirements.

AC Motor and Gear Motor Fundamentals

  • Temperature Rise and Life of an AC Motor - Motor temperature rise affects the operating time limit and motor life.
  • Standard AC Motor & Gear Motor Overview - an introduction to AC motor technology
  • AC Motor Glossary of Terms
  • AC Motor Fundamentals - AC motors are electric motors that rotate by using power from a commercial AC power supply. They are easy to handle and have features that can be configured at a low cost.
  • AC Motor Utilization - By combining mechanisms and circuits, AC motors can obtain various additional functions.
  • IP Ratings - Degree of Protection - The dust-resistance and waterproofing degrees of protection for the equipment are classified according to EN 60529 (Specification Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures (IP Code)) (=IEC 60529), EN 60034-5 (Rotating Electrical Machines - Part 5: Degrees of Protection Provided by The Integral Design of Rotating Electrical Machines (IP Code) – Classification) (=IEC 60034-5).

AC Motor and Gear Motor Application Articles

  • Using a Torque Motor for Winding and Unwinding Type Applications - A torque motor is an excellent product for winding and unwinding type applications. Due to the design of the motor, it reaches full torque at 0 output speed, or locked rotor condition. A torque motor can act as a brake when back driven, or a simple device to provide tension. Depending on the torque setting, the motor will provide tension to the material while taking up slack in the line automatically, essentially matching the line speed.
  • Features and Control Technologies of the DSC Series Motor and Speed Controller Package - An "AC motor and speed controller package" is a unit product composed of a robust, single-phase induction motor, and a low noise, long life speed controller. The DSC Series is a new AC Speed Control product. In order to improve ease of use, this product is equipped with an operation panel for monitoring various functions, as well as for digital settings. The new DSC control technology also accomplishes two functions that conventional products cannot; instant reversal of single phase induction motors, and vertical drive by deceleration control (electromagnetic brake type only).
  • Hypoid vs. Worm Gear - There is an alternative to worm gear sets: the hypoid gear. Typically used in automotive applications, gearmotor companies have begun integrating hypoid gearing into right-angle gearmotors to solve the problems that arise with worm reducers.


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